Welcome, Crazy-Hip Blog Mama readers.  I didn’t know if many people used web ring links, but I just got added to this particular ring and Lo! today is already my best day since starting this blog in terms of number of views.

And, randomly, here’s what may or may not turn out to be the only bit of celebrity blogging I ever do.  Because on the whole, I just don’t care about what any given celebrity is doing; but it seems like the whole “Madonna adoption” issue is being talked about on a full third of the blogs I read (that is, most of the blogs concerned even tangentially with adoption and the issues that surround it). So, here’s my take, only I’m being lazy and quoting someone else who summed it up well instead of actually writing an entire original post on the subject:

By all reports, she’s been considering adoption for a while. And yet she STILL manages to make the whole thing look like “buy myself a cute African boy for the holidays.”

This lovely nutshell was posted by Jody as a comment on Vindauga. If you want more information about the whole subject (which I would find drearily boring if it weren’t for all the interesting discussions I see it sparking about the ethics of adoption, how adoption is viewed in the US, in the UK, and elsewhere in the world, and more), a few Google searches or a leisurely browse through my blogroll will give you all you could hope for. And probably more.