…another rejection letter.

Dear Country Mouse:

Thank you for your interest in Company X. Understanding time is of the essence to you in your career search, we have carefully evaluated all information relevant to your employment application with our firm. Our decision is not to pursue your application further.

Again, we appreciate your interest in Company X and wish you every success in your future.


Company X Hiring Department.

And no, I didn’t delete the signature. There wasn’t one to delete.

Once upon a time I believed it when writers wrote about their hundreds of rejections slips as they sent things out to be published, with the implication that writing is the only profession in which one can have this disheartening experience. I’m finding that most any profession can experience this. On the bright side, it seems to be rarer for a company to send out an apology letter like this than to just leave you hanging; so kudos to Company X for that.