Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night shall stay this blogger from her appointed posting.

Wait, that should be for National Blog Post Office Month, shouldn’t it? I get the two confused.

National Blog Posting Month (abbreviated NaBloPoMo) is a commitment (or at least a goal) to post daily to one’s blog for the month of November. I have decided, after a good deal of hemming and hawing on my part while I carefully considered whether I could do this, to participate. I’ve also decided that my aversion to Star Wars paraphenalia outweighs the extent to which I was creeped out by that gun pointing directly at my head with the (Latinate, in this variant) “Blog or die” motto, so here’s a link to the NaBloPoMo page, with my thanks to M. Kennedy of Fussy for providing this little boost of incentive to post more often — and thus to write more.

NaBloPoMo Seal

I have a fresh new copy of Maggie Mason’s book of blog ideas to prompt me when I inevitably run short on ideas for things I feel I can write something worthwhile about with whatever brain function is left for me at the end of the day. And I even have a pair of percentile dice to force a choice about which of the 100 worthy writing prompts to use, so I don’t use up the month hemming and hawing some more about which prompt to use. Since I’ve promised myself long ago I will never, ever blog about how I don’t have anything to say.

First up? My most cringeworthy moment. Or at least that cringeworthy moment which makes the most entertaining story. Stay tuned.