Hours driven on the interstate today: 6

Hours spent interviewing at the firm I did all that driving to get to: 1

Hours spent helping a good friend prepare his store for a major event he’s hosting in two days, since I was in town anyway: 2

Time spent playing with Nate today, including his bedtime stories and cuddles, in hours: 2

Time spent on the phone while my interviewer explained why I wasn’t getting the job but it was nothing to do with me, in minutes: 12

Times this has happened before in the last three months: 1

Number of less helpful rejections I’ve gotten since beginning this job search: 8

Interviews after which I’ve just plain not gotten a response: 5

Number of total jobs I’ve applied to but never gotten a response to: FSM only knows

Time spent crying in frustration and defeat after I got off the phone with the interviewer and before I fixed supper for myself and Nate, in minutes: 3

Number of times I let Nate watch the Backyardigans because I was too emotionally exhausted to continue sitting on the floor pretending his plastic farm animals were saying “Vroom!” on the train tracks: 3

Percentage of my first chicken strip I actually got to eat myself: 32

Percentage of the remaining 68% Nate insisted on eating straight from my fork, not wanting it if it was on his own plate: 100

Number of chicken strips I ate after he went to bed: 2

Number of carbonated, caffeinated, sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup beverages I’ve had today: 3

Number of corpses I’ve seen on my mother’s favorite television show since Nate went to bed: was 1, is now 2 3

Number of stitches I’ve knit today: 0

Number of blog entries I’ve saved but not posted here: 1

Number of those likely to ever see the glow of any computer monitor but mine: 1.3