Things that have gone right today (and it’s only noon):

My father fed Nate breakfast and let me sleep in.

Nate wanted to snuggle with me after I got up and had breakfast.

Nate and I played with his hilarious new farm animal playset for an hour. They didn’t even turn into cars.

I got to IM with a friend I’ve been missing. Nate practiced his letters on the keyboard while I occasionally typed a message in the IM window. This day could not have been complete without hearing him giggle each time he pressed the “send” button.

The cat Nate has decided to hug today (he seems to focus his attention on one cat per day) is not the irritable one that broke his heart yesterday by growling at him when he was just trying to give it some affection.

I have yet to change a gross and stinky diaper.

I glimpsed the Halloween jack-o’-lantern out the back door and had a good giggle.

All in all, a good day, with the expectation of more to come.