1. I live in the boonies.
  2. I grew up in the boonies.
  3. I lived the last few years in Big City, though.
  4. On the whole, I find I’m most comfortable with semi-rural life.  Thus the moniker.
  5.  I live with family.
  6.  I love my family, but sometimes living with them is a bit much.
  7.  Mostly, though, I’m thankful to have them so securely around me.
  8.  I am a single mother.
  9.  Even though my divorce isn’t final just yet.
  10. I’m still angry about that, but I’m trying to move past it.
  11.  My son is two and a half.
  12.  His joy at living with his grandparents is wholehearted.
  13.  He is moderately speech delayed.
  14. He is so large strangers and acquaintances think he’s four and assume his speech delay is severe.
  15.  I know full well I said this list is about me, not about my son.  At this stage, his story is part of mine.
  16.  I am a compulsive reader.  If a thing has words on it, it takes great self-control for me not to read it.  Even if it’s a phone book or a soup label.
  17.  I knit.
  18.  I seldom use a pattern when I knit.
  19.  I seldom write down the patterns I invent when knitting, either.  I’m experimenting with changing that, though.
  20.  When knitting, I’m obsessive about having whatever I’m making turn out right.
  21. This has led me to develop a high level of skill.
  22. This also leads to my knitting many more stitches than there are in the final garment, especially when I’m not writing things down and make a guess while I’m in the middle of making something.
  23. I usually join new yarn in the middle of a row, not on the ends.  I probably do this because I read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s works early in my knitting career.
  24. I love to sing.
  25.  I’m a mezzo-soprano.
  26.  I prefer singing in groups to singing alone.
  27.  I usually sing alto in groups.
  28.  Partly because I thrill at the challenge of singing harmony, and partly because most choirs need altos but are overrun with sopranos.
  29. Note that I never claimed my voice is all that good.
  30. It’s not awful, but it’s nothing to write home about, either.
  31. I want to learn to play piano.
  32. I am tall.
  33. I am obese.  See numbers 9-10 for the relevant stressors.
  34. I am not happy about my weight, not because of how I look (which I don’t care about) but because of how awful it makes me feel (which I do care about).
  35. I am the youngest child of a large family.
  36. I’m not just the youngest of my sibling group, I’m the youngest of my generation.
  37. As a result, I’m much closer in age to my grandparents’ elder great-grandchildren than I am to their elder grandchildren.
  38. I can tell you the difference between a first cousin once removed and a second cousin without looking it up.
  39. I love taking photos.
  40. This does not mean I’ve ever put in the effort it would take to get really good at photography, though I went through a period in which I could be described as an enthusiastic amateur.
  41. Substitute any number of words for “photography” in the above statement, and you’d still have an accurate statement.
  42. I learned to sew before I could read.
  43. I learned to read before I started school.
  44. Yet, I didn’t learn to knit until I was an adult.
  45. My grandmother taught me to bake when I was a child, but no one ever taught me to cook.
  46. As a result, I can make what I’m told is a tasty pie crust, even though I don’t like pie crusts.
  47. But I find making a tasty meal much more difficult than making a tasty pastry.
  48. I’m hot-natured and have trouble dealing with excessive heat.  Triple-digit summers in the South are torture.
  49. I have long, dexterous toes.  I can use them to pick up a penny off a flat-tiled floor.
  50. I’m a perfectionist, and it’s hard for me to leave things half-done.  It’s actually taking some self-discipline for me to stop at 50, rather than going on and trying to reach 100 (which seems to be the usual number for such a list) today.  But there are other things I need to do, so the other 50 will be written and posted another time.