Midnight nearly snuck up on me! But I have foiled that deadline once again.

Tomorrow, I get to go grocery shopping. This was once a dreaded chore, but right now I’m viewing it as a treat, as it gives me a chance to exert a certain level of control over what Nate and I get to eat. Which will mean more vegetables and more variety in general: my father’s specialties are deep-fried chicken, baked chicken, and slow-cooker chicken. I do like chicken, but… Well. Variety is good.

I’m not normally a foodie, but I may be blogging further about this week’s dinners. I’m planning to shop from the 7 Days, 7 Dinners feature in November’s Every Day with Rachael Ray. It all looks and sounds delicious, with just the right amount of yumminess and variety without requiring odd foods not everyone will eat or excessive preparation time. An included shopping list, so I don’t have to go over the recipes and make that list myself, is quite the bonus.

This is an experiment of sorts, on several fronts: cooking from this magazine (which I haven’t done before), cooking dinner for the entire family for the week (which I also haven’t done), and just possibly blogging about the results of the previous two experiments (which will be an experiment in itself).