Please, mentally add 50 to these numbers.

  1. I learned touch-typing when I was 12.
  2. Ever since, I find myself mentally typing sentences: ones I read, ones I hear in a conversation, ones I think. And I calculate how many letters are assigned to the left hand, how many to the right, and what changes I could make to the sentence so the number of letters each hand types would be even.
  3. I resent having to sleep. It feels like wasted time.
  4. Despite that, I cannot function if my sleep debt goes over a certain threshold.
  5. The combination of these means I wind up staying up late working on one thing or another, and then taking naps while my son naps in the afternoon. Naps which make me feel deliciously refreshed and well-rested.
  6. I am large. I contain multitudes.
  7. I despise cell phones. They can be convenient, certainly, but I don’t feel I need to be fully available at all times. And I resent it when people believe I should be available to them at all times because I have one.  Some people seem seriously offended by this.
  8. Polyester makes my skin crawl.
  9. I love keeping fish.
  10. Eating fish of a species similar to one I keep as a pet makes me feel a little strange.
  11. When I was younger, everyone talked about whether you were a “visual learner” or an “auditory learner.” I never could figure out which I was. Now I know that I’m actually a kinesthetic learner.
  12. My exercise of choice is bicycling. I miss it, since mine was stolen at the beginning of this year.
  13. I really, really like words. Few things match the little thrill of pleasure I get when I use just the right word in a sentence I’m writing, or when I learn to correctly use a brand new word in context.
  14. I also like languages. I’ve formally studied five of them. So far. And I know a few phrases in a handful of others.
  15. I really want to spend some time living in a place where English is not the default language.
  16. For all of that, I’m only fluent in a single language.
  17. I don’t wear makeup.
  18. I find it really strange that that even needs to be said.
  19. On the other hand, after a couple of decades of alternately growing out and cutting off my hair, I have finally realized that it must be styled in some way if it’s short. Otherwise, I get Happy Hair. Different sections of it stick out in different directions, and wilfully refuse to cooperate. My hair looks like it’s having a party that the rest of me wasn’t invited to.
  20. I have big feet. Shoe shopping isn’t easy, especially since I’m not willing to sacrifice function for fashion.
  21. I currently own two pairs of shoes that are appropriate for the season.
  22. I prefer to go barefoot when appropriate.
  23. The peace I get from getting out of the city — out of even my little town — and walking alone through the woods or alongside a body of water is unparallelled.
  24. I like to sleep where it’s cold enough that I can wrap myself in warm, heavy quilts.
  25. I have an unusual number of moles.
  26. But I don’t have freckles.
  27. Playing board games is one of my favorite ways of spending time with people I care about.
  28. I like playing games even better if no one minds that I knit while we play.
  29. I wear a men’s size large in gloves. Women’s XL gloves are too short in the fingers; men’s larges are too big around, but they still fit better than the closest women’s size.
  30. I can play an 11th chord on the piano. With one hand.
  31. I prefer riding on trains to driving or flying.
  32. I’m introverted, but I’m not shy.
  33. I’m easily hyperstimulated, especially by constant (or irregularly recurring) loud noise.
  34. I’m gradually teaching myself to use a sewing machine.
  35. I can roll my tongue. (Did you know that this is a genetic trait, and if you can’t roll your tongue, you can’t learn how?)
  36. I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue.
  37. I can make a V with the two middle toes on each of my feet.
  38. I am not religious.
  39. Despite this, I currently attend church about twice a week.
  40. I have two little scars on my arm from when a dog bit me when I was a child.
  41. And one scar on my leg from pretending my grandmother’s rotary cutter was a microphone while my cousin and I danced around to music. (My grandmother had told me how dangerous it was. But she was such an overprotective worrywart that, this one time in my life, I didn’t believe her.)
  42. I love to watch a good thunderstorm.
  43. If I were caught out in one, though, I’d be right freaked out.
  44. Although I’m not a visual thinker on the whole, color has very strong effects on me.
  45. I love the whole blue-green range of colors, a single ruby-like shade of red, and earth tones. In that order.
  46. I require no corrective lenses.
  47. My sense of smell is generally quite poor.
  48. Scents I’m sensitive to — like perfumes and smoke — make my sense of smell even worse.
  49. I’m a sucker for cute little kids.
  50. I try hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes this backfires on me, but I think it’s worthwhile anyway.