So! Since as of today we’re officially halfway through November, I thought I’d start a little series of reviews.

Since I have no desire to plug determinedly through an alphabetical section of blogs, I need a plan of my own. So what I’m doing is this:

I’ll be using the NaBloPoMo Randomizer (click on “view next blog” to view a random blog from the list of NaBloPoMo participants) to find blogs to look at. Or I may choose blogs by other means: choosing by the name that catches my eye at the moment, or by following other links (possibly including those of commenters). Whatever works for me at that moment.

Immediately disqualified from the reviews are:

  • Any blog that has dropped out of NaBloPoMo by not posting for a day this month, and
  • Any blog that I find boring based solely on the content on its first page.

Subjective, you say? Oh, yes, I reply. And capricious, too. As evidenced by the fact that… you know that qualification number one? If I find your writing compelling enough, I’ll let that slide. Maybe.

So, what’s up first on the randomizer?

WonderDawg offers a wonderfully eclectic assortment of topics on his blog, with sports, technology geekery, celebrity stalking, product reviews, documentation of a road trip, and snippets of just plain humor — all on the front page. His writing style is relentlessly good-natured, and his posts have just the right balance of photos to words to build interest without overwhelming readers with images.

 Jakelliesmom has the tagline “Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Optimist.”  That seems to sum up the theme of her blog nicely: each entry, based on events or musings that have occurred to her through each day, is suffused with a gentle, glass-half-full good humor.  Here’s a quote I like, from her second post on I Invented Motherhood:

Can there be many correct ways to parent? Of course. How else would we figure out what might work – or not work – if we didn’t get to see it first hand and decide for ourselves?

Karen?  If you ever decide you want a more attention-catching title for your blog, “I Invented Motherhood” might be a good choice.

And last, we have a gem called Inside Voice.  This blog includes beautiful photographs with each entry, and the author’s voice is strong.  From finding a very special block of stamps and sharing a special memory it evoked to a jack-o’-lantern far past its prime to a mouth-wateringly beautiful series of a farmer’s market sandwich, I found this blog to have a low-key and subtle way of compelling me to keep reading.  I expect I’ll be visiting this one again.