Or, Writing on a Deadline

Today has been an exceedingly busy day… and what busy day would be complete without a toddler sick enough to ask to be put to bed early? Not this one, that’s for sure. So, it’s another NaBloPoMo review day for you. Lucky you!

  • Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here (tagline: “An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise”)

    Epiphany Alone has a wry sense of humour that serves her well as she writes about any subject on her mind, from life with her two young daughters to the slippery slide one steps into when one purchases and displays a Christmas decoration before Thanksgiving to more serious issues like eating disorders and how you teach strangers not to force unwanted (but in itself benign) attention on young children.

  • hula seventy (“What we are is low and lovely”)

    Andrea has an interesting and distinctive style. Each of her entries contains an image, usually a photograph she has taken; at times, photographs are interspersed throughout her text. Her writing is unconventional and unpolished, lending a raw power to her words. This combination of words and vibrant images makes each of her entries a sort of prose poem that’s well worth reading.

  • elvispug

    Priscilla made what was possibly a very wise decision in choosing a theme for the month of November: she’s writing daily about one thing she is thankful for. This makes for interesting variations on a theme throughout the month.