This post brought to you courtesy of that nasty, nasty cold that everyone in the house has. The one that makes Nate want to cuddle in my lap, and also makes it feel really good for Nate to cuddle in my lap but also makes it utterly exhausting when Nate does cuddle in my lap.

  • There is no Vodka in this Kool-aid! (“Princess Crankypants at your service.”)

    Bitter Betty’s blog focuses on the same subjects so many personal blogs do. (You know: moving, dogs, mouse infestations, and annual gynecological examinations.) Only crankier. And funny.

  • Desert Rat Musings (“A sometimes boring, sometimes chatty, mother of two girls, wife to a geek, writing about life.”)

    This blog by Leaner is a Mommy blog all the way — not in that patronizing, New York Times “mommy wars” kind of way, but just in the fact that it’s about her life, and her kids are a big part of her life. She chooses to live her life a little bit alternative, and sends her elder daughter to an alternative sort of school. Her writing is, at least in the sample I’ve read, more about describing and chronicling her life than about reflecting on the possible larger societal implications of the issue-of-the-day. Interested in the day-to-day life of a mom and kids in modern America? This blog is for you.

  • The Zero Boss (“Dad’s Dead, Baby”)

    Jay Andrew Allen posts daily here about whatever’s on his mind. Although his About page says this started as a Daddy blog, it’s clearly evolved far beyond that; some parents won’t agree with the PG-13 nature of the site, but others will find themselves nodding in agreement with the points he makes, and laughing until they have to cling to their chairs to stay seated. Or maybe that’s just me.