• The Molly Bawn Chronicles

    Molly’s blog is the simple and sweet journal of an Irish-raised woman. Where many personal blogs fall into the trap of trying to seem hip or trying to interest a larger audience, this one is appropriately low-key, and while no one entry is necessarily riveting or laugh-out-loud funny, several of them taken as a whole leave me with the same feeling I get when a cat sits in my lap and purrs.My favorite quote: “One thing that would make me very happy after I die would be to discover that heaven was a library.

  • Mumbly Bits (“Write like no one’s reading.”)

    Happy Green Tea seems to follow her motto: to write like no one is reading or
    judging her words. Her style is stream-of-consciousness; this is not usually my favorite style, particularly when combined with a lack of capital letters, but her language has a rhythm to it that many people lose when transcribing their thoughts to paper. The frequent amusing side notes also help. Her quirky photographs are fun to look at, and on the whole, I think I like her blog, even though I suspect mine might make her vomit. (If you go read that entry, and have any idea why tomatoes are only a good idea in theory, please share. I want to know.)

  • Big Red EP

    Big Red EP, where every day is Eye Candy Friday. Ellen takes some gorgeous photos — sometimes portraits, sometimes unusual angles on prosaic objects that startle you into seeing them afresh — and she’s not afraid to share them. The parts of her posts that are composed of words are little slices of what seems to be a very rich life, and usually support the photographs: but it is the photographs that carry the day here, and this blog is worth a visit even if you don’t read a word.