By Nathaniel, age 2.5

If hugging Paw-paw:

Run to within three feet of Paw-Paw.

Turn around and back up the last three feet.

Lean against his knees. Wait for him to lean down and hug you.

When he leans down, reach up and wrap one arm around his neck. Blow kisses into the air.

Let go and run back to your game.

If hugging Mama:

Cajole Mama to sit on the floor and play cars with you. Watch carefully; eventually she will lean forward and rest her elbows on her knees.

Now is the time for a sneak-hug attack! Climb up on Mama’s back and wrap your arms all the way around her neck.

Rest your head on her shoulder. Say, “Awww.” Kiss Mama’s cheek, or the air next to it.

Dangle for a while. This position can be used as a lead-in to other games, including Ride on Mama’s Back, Dangle from Mama’s Neck, and Climb Over Mama’s Head Like a Mountain.