Acorn returned from his sojourn with his father on Xmas day, and has spent the last thirty-six hours alternately opening presents and sleeping. His method for opening gifts involved long periods of playing with each new toy (and then going back to check on previously-opened ones) before going on to open the next one. In this household alone, he received far more gifts than a single toddler needs, and future holidays will probably be a little more toned-down; but I hadn’t been able to give him anything but a homemade gift last Xmas, and an ice cream sundae for last his birthday, so this time the largesse was as much for me as for Acorn himself. Fortunately, his personality is mellow enough to allow him to enjoy this spectacle without meltdowns and without creating an expectation that he will constantly be getting MORE.

My little non-talker returned from his father’s house with several more words than he left with. His use of “choo-choo” (a change from “choo” in the past), “car,” and “go” have been frequent in the last day and a half. Balloon is a new word (pronounced “baoon”), and the most interesting addition is “hee-ho.” This is his name for a fire engine: when identifying the engine, he calls it simply “hee-ho,” but when asked what sound it makes, he says (loudly) “HEEEEEEE-HOOOOOOOOO!” A perfect little siren. He has also correctly started forming plurals. One train is “choo-choo,” and multiple trains are “choo-choos!”

My baby is back. I keep finding myself smiling for no reason at all.