The title of this post is Acorn’s most adorable mispronunciation.  When asked to say “please,” he will often say “cheese,” as he finds that much easier to say.  When prompted to pronounce it correctly (“It starts with a P, Acorn.  Make a P sound: Puh-puh-puh.”), he’ll usually say “please,” or “pease,” or (rarely) “pwease.”  Sometimes, though, he does the simplest thing of all, simply appending the P to the front:  “Puh-cheese!”

He got quite enthusiastic about pronouncing it this way several days ago, when an old friend came to visit.  I hadn’t seen her in years — since shortly after Acorn was born, in fact — and frankly, it had been so long I had forgotten how much I missed her.  The three of us went to a restaurant, where Acorn was patient with our need for adult conversation until he decided he had been separated from his beloved tricycle for quite long enough.  At that point, I bought a little extra time by sending him to look out the window at the cars passing by, and he happily amused himself by naming the letters painted on the window: P… I… E… S.  Then he came back to the table, glanced at the back of the check, and pointed to the first word on it and said clearly, “Please.”

It said, “Please come again.”  He wasn’t asking for anything; he was telling me what it said.  I was (and am) blown away.

My son has had more than his share of struggles, thanks to his speech delay and the difficulties I’ve faced in getting him into therapy for it.  Reading is evidently not going to be such a problem.