1. When you’re eating supper at home for the first time in a week, expect to share it with your two-year-old.

2. Turning on your brights when you’re driving through a cloud only accentuates the sense of suffocating whiteness. Also, it doesn’t let you see any further through the fog.

3. Not only does working 50-60 hours a week (plus parenting time on weekday mornings and weekend evenings) severely eat into the time one has available to spend blogging (or writing other things), it also erodes the list of “Ooh, I can blog about that” things you thought of on your new commute down to two. Plus a third you just thought up, because a two-item list is just lame.

Sad , but true.

Edit:  I just remembered one of the forgotten items.

4. There is nothing in this world comparable to hearing your normally nonverbal toddler scream with joy for two solid minutes when you walk in the door, eleven hours after you left for your first day of work.