What does it say about me that I have no idea what the “right” answers are to Andrea’s Psychology Exam?  For example, and right from the first question:

1. The coolest kid in kindergarten:

a. Has the toy everyone else wants and has.
b. Has a toy very similar to the toy everyone else wants and has.
c. Has a toy that no one else wants or has.
d. May or may not have any toys at all. May or may not care about toys. Perhaps is reading a book, making a rug out of fabric scraps or peeling chewing gum off the playground.
e. Is pulling the heads off the toys that everyone else wants and has, and making up stories about how a much cooler and badder toy villian comes along which hates all these stupid wimpy toys and their stupid wimpy guns because everything popular sucks.

I know which kid I was.  I know which kid I thought was coolest.  But which one was the popularly acclaimed “coolest kid?”  I can guess, but it’s only a guess.  I didn’t know back then, and I still don’t know now.

Thanks for the food for thought, Andrea.