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Acorn found two toy pigs, one with its eyes open and one with its eyes closed.   He hid one in each hand, and held his hands behind his back.

Holding out the closed-eyes pig:  “Pig sleepin’.  Wake up, pig!”

Quickly switching hands, and holding out the open-eyed pig:  “Pig wake.”

Baby book type notes:  This is the first time he’s made up a story and been able to convey it to us with words.  He’s done plenty of pretend play before this, but the verbalization and putting it in sequence with props is new.


Upon coming home tonight, he called out for me:  “Mama!  Where are you?  My Acorn is home!”

He’s grasped “mine” quite thoroughly, but doesn’t quite have the concept of “your” down yet.


This is where I want to be and here I am. The last time I can remember feeling this way so completely, I was a girl. It was in a brief moment between day and night when the sun hit the earth perfectly, turning everything gold and pink. In that breath of time, I was my own person making my own decisions. I felt powerful, alive, confident. Getting that back is truly amazing. And long overdue.

From Cool Beans. She’s talking about making the transition to stay-at-home-motherhood, and I’m headed in the opposite direction; but that’s always the feeling I’m looking for.  It’s just a matter of determining how best to achieve it.

I’ve got some good posts brewing, finally. One was nigh-complete, but then disappeared entirely. I hope to write more soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy my Visual DNA.  It’s in the footer for now, though if anyone can tell me how to get it into a post on WordPress, I’ll move it.

After you read mine, you may wish to make your own.  If you do, please let me know; although I don’t think the categories they assigned me to are accurate, the descriptions are right on.

I’d like to the first page where I found VisualDNA, but I don’t remember where that was any more, as I’ve seen it so often in the last few days.  So, here’s a link to Nina’s post about her VisualDNA, as I know hers was one of the first few I did see.

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