Still caught up in other writing projects, plus things are busy at work.  While you wait (with bated breath, no doubt) for my ever-so-scintillating words, here are some other things that might be worth reading.

Seriously.  There are only about thirteen of you.  I don’t want any of you turning blue.

If you need some ideas for things to do with your kids or topics to write about for your blog, have a look at a list of special awareness days for the month of April (complete with links to various resources for each), courtesy of Doc at Doc’s Sunrise Rants.

In the mood for eye candy?  Have a look at Feingold Jewelry, which carries gorgeous handmade pendants in a mix of glass-on-copper and resin.

News of the weird:  plumbing the depths of what the human body can do.

 Amusing child-rearing one-liners.

And a fairly awesome contest.  (No interest in a new vacuum cleaner?  Feel free to enter anyway.  You know you can always have it shipped to my place.)