A day to do something to honor the victims of the massacre at Virginia Tech and their families is an idea I can get behind. A day to do something and post about it on your blog, likewise.

A day of blog silence? Not so much.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It requires no positive action. It does not even require thought for the vast majority of bloggers, who do not post every day in any case. (I, for one, would probably not have gotten around to posting on this day of multiple doctor visits.)

I respect the impulse to do something, to have a community mourning. When I heard what was going on at Virginia Tech, I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. It took my breath away and left me sick with grief.

That pain soon left me thinking about the same pain that is felt by many Iraqis and by the people of Darfur. The pain that results from having one’s boundaries violated, from having unspeakable evil committed in what I had thought of as a safety zone — my own personal safety zone.

We all have one: a circle we draw around our selves and our families, and we believe that Bad Things can’t happen here. We believe that — no matter how much we think we know better — until reality rudely intrudes.

Far too many people lost their lives at Virginia Tech. Far more lost beloved friends or family. An exponentially larger number lost their sense of safety, again.

For them all, and for all of us, and for all those around the world who have not had that sense of safety for years and are just getting by as best they can, I place here a white ribbon.

White Ribbon

In the name of and in hope for peace.