Swistle has posted a great list of Things Not to Say to Anybody, Ever. One thing I’ve had said to me that would fit perfectly on this list was said by Mr. X, back when Acorn was a teeny baby:

I don’t get to take a nap. I have to work during the day!”

For context, my night before had involved a migraine, a baby who was both sick and teething, and multiple hours in a rocking chair. I think you can guess the amount of assistance (or sleep) I had actually had.

Having written this, though, I feel petty sharing a story about something I’m clearly still angry about a few years on. So please, share. Tell me something someone’s said to you that should not be said to anyone, by anyone. If I get enough comments, I’ll share the full list here on a future post.

Update!  In a bit of serendipitous timing, I just found Bridget’s list of Things Not to Say When Someone Tells You They Have Breast Cancer.  (Via Twisty, via LesbianDad.)