We were three teens in a movie theater, watching Casper the Friendly Ghost.

CASPER: Cinderella got to stay out until midnight!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Cinderella wasn’t twelve years old.

You leaned over and asked in a whisper, “How old is Casper, anyway?”


This is my first post in Project x365, in which authors daily write brief character sketches of an individual from their past, usually giving themselves a word limit. I think mine is going to be about fifty words, though I reserve the perogative to change that if I choose.

I first heard about this project from Schmutzie, who I have only recently started reading but whose site is one of the few I would still check daily if all the RSS feeds of the world were to up and die. Go ye forth and read. She’s worth it.

Oh, and I’m numbering these out of 366 because next year’s a leap year, and I’m just that way.