Last night, I rang in the new year with one of my preferred ways to celebrate the occasion: pretending to be an imaginary person, and rolling dice to determine how the imaginary person I’m pretending to be interacts with the imaginary persons populating the rest of the room. Loads of fun.

Eventually, I came home and slept. Woke, spent time with Acorn, heard all about the wonderful time he had with his grandparents (they saw fireworks, his favourite thing in the world), visited my own grandfather. Came home again, started the final few preparations for starting back to work tomorrow. Needed to hem my new slacks, so I laid them out and brought out the sewing machine.

And the case for the sewing machine came open while I was carrying it. And I dropped the whole thing on my foot.

If this is to be a portent for the coming year, I prefer “Wear shoes in 2008” to “Your best-laid plans will go horribly awry.” Thank you in advance.