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This blog has moved!  Please come see me at my new site, Making Lemonade.  You’ll find all the same good things — my personal musings, links to worthy reads, sentences longer than should be allowed, and the continued adventures of Acorn — as well as some new things which are still being planned.


Daily work plus commute: 14 hours
Nightly sleep: 7 hours
Basic personal hygiene: 1 hour
Household maintenance (meals, cleaning, pet care, laundry): 1.5-2 hours

Very small margin of error, that. Good thing Acorn’s perfectly willing to shoehorn in some quality time, forcing me to multitask time spent with him while doing everything but the first item on that list.

But you’ll notice writing’s nowhere on that list. No time. Or energy either. I’ll return after things slow down a bit at work.

Today, I had a hit to my site from someone searching for “little boys in girlish clothes.”  Please pass the mental floss.

Seriously? You flag “Google?” And “blog?” Shouldn’t knowledge of certain words be part of the job requirement?

Edited to add:  Spellcheck.  Really?  Yep, but spellchecker is A-OK.  Disturbingly, it seems the spellchecker doesn’t check post titles.  Hat tip to SueWho.

We were three teens in a movie theater, watching Casper the Friendly Ghost.

CASPER: Cinderella got to stay out until midnight!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Cinderella wasn’t twelve years old.

You leaned over and asked in a whisper, “How old is Casper, anyway?”


This is my first post in Project x365, in which authors daily write brief character sketches of an individual from their past, usually giving themselves a word limit. I think mine is going to be about fifty words, though I reserve the perogative to change that if I choose.

I first heard about this project from Schmutzie, who I have only recently started reading but whose site is one of the few I would still check daily if all the RSS feeds of the world were to up and die. Go ye forth and read. She’s worth it.

Oh, and I’m numbering these out of 366 because next year’s a leap year, and I’m just that way.

To the left of this post, you’ll see a new section called Featured Posts in my sidebar.  I’ve done away with my traditional blogroll in favor of an RSS feed in which I’ll be placing links to my favorite posts from other people’s blogs.  Thanks, Zero Boss!

This will allow me to have a much shorter list of links while still representing my favorites, and with luck will also allow for more reader interest in the posts I’m linked to.  (I’d like to be able to show what site the posts are from, and maybe give a brief description of my own about why that post is worth reading, but unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t seem to allow me a lot of flexibility about this.  If anyone knows a way to achieve that in the WordPress RSS widget, or any other method that doesn’t involve either Javascript or placing each description by hand into my WordPress template, please let me know.  I might even send you a prize.)

Still caught up in other writing projects, plus things are busy at work.  While you wait (with bated breath, no doubt) for my ever-so-scintillating words, here are some other things that might be worth reading.

Seriously.  There are only about thirteen of you.  I don’t want any of you turning blue.

If you need some ideas for things to do with your kids or topics to write about for your blog, have a look at a list of special awareness days for the month of April (complete with links to various resources for each), courtesy of Doc at Doc’s Sunrise Rants.

In the mood for eye candy?  Have a look at Feingold Jewelry, which carries gorgeous handmade pendants in a mix of glass-on-copper and resin.

News of the weird:  plumbing the depths of what the human body can do.

 Amusing child-rearing one-liners.

And a fairly awesome contest.  (No interest in a new vacuum cleaner?  Feel free to enter anyway.  You know you can always have it shipped to my place.)

To whoever reached my blog through a search for “lizzie borden 5 paragraph essay”:

The knowledge that I wasted a little of your time as you tried to find an essay to plagiarize for your 9th grade English class gives me a warm, happy feeling.

To anyone else who arrives here with similar intent in the future:

If you need help figuring out how to go about writing such an essay, shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out.

If you’re only interested in avoiding your work and having someone else do it for you, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

—The Management

I saw this first over at Bitch, PhD. Today it keeps popping up on my WordPress dashboard as one of the most-linked sites. Scott Eric Kaufman is trying to measure the speed with which a meme travels and how it moves — among minor blogs,
from megablogs to their fans, etc. I’m not alone in thinking his methodology is inherently flawed (stating his purpose will change the way a this moves, how fast and to how many people; I don’t see any way around that), but if my linking can help him improve his data in any way, I’m going to. (See? I wouldn’t have linked to this for any other reason.)

If you feel like helping an MLA panelist out, and possibly increasing the accuracy of his data, post a link to Kaufman’s post to your own blog.

Because fudging your timestamp is against NaBloPoMo rules… but editing your post after midnight isn’t. And I’m afraid the electricity (and with it the internet) will go out soon, here. The lights are already blinking with the storm.

Editor’s Note:  I did indeed finish the post I was working on and post it at 11:59:39.  Without interference from any act of God.  Nyah, Nyah.  I’m leaving this here because it amuses me, if no one else.

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